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lunedì 12 settembre 2011

jessamine çç++

I jessamane band erede del pop elettronico di silver apple e u.s.o.a.,ci regala un disco pieno di visioni di space rock ,come una session registrata su plutone! The Long Arm Of Coincidence secondo album del 1996, è sicuramente un passo avanti rispetto al primo album , la musica ora è molto piu' dilatata e celebrale.tastiere analogiche e effetti per chitarre distorte ,supportate da una ottima sezione ritmica ,ci guidano dentro questo lungo viaggio .....forse senza ritorno!
jessamane electronic pop band the heir of silver apple and usoa, gives us a record full of visions of space rock such as a session recorded on Pluto! The Long Arm Of Coincidence second album of 1996, is definitely a step forward from the first album, the music is now much more dilateted and celebrale.analog keyboards and dilated and distorted guitars and effects, supported by an excellent rhythm section, lead us into this long journey of no return ..... maybe!

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  1. Buon Giorno! :) Thanks for your comment! If you are interested, just feel free to become a regular reader! I like your blog pretty much, too. Taking a listen in other kinds of music than just Rap is always worth a try. Are there any Downloads availabe in here? I must admit, my Italian is very, VERY limited and unfortunately, not all posts are in English as well.


  2. thanks moof ,nice name!i follow you!there are no downloud .ciao see you soon

  3. love it!
    keep rocking dear!



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