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martedì 17 gennaio 2012

stepkids -.,-.,

funk funk funk!si ma non solo in questo primo album di questo giovane trio americano, soul ,pop psichedelico ,tutto miscelato con attitudine moderna da dj e tastiere vintage .Brani come brain ninja e shadows on behalf sono intrisi di un umore 70es inresistibile , sly stone canterebbe volentieri uno dei loro brani....allora ASCOLTATELI CACCHIO, magari vi faranno innamorare della musica di nuovo:D
funk funk funk! is not only in this first album of this young American trio, soul, psychedelic pop, all mixed with a modern attitude from DJs and vintage keyboards. Songs like brain ninjas and  of shadows on Behalf are full of 70es inresistibile a mood, Sly Stone sing a happy time of their songs .... LISTEN TO , maybe you will fall in love with music again: D

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  1. Goduria totale!Davvero molto,molto seventies ( ho fatto un pensierino anche ai Bee Gees ).

  2. vero ! pensato anche io ,sicuramente musica godibilissima,ciao black

  3. Great post
    I love your blog,
    It is so inspiring and gave me so many
    new ideas for my own blog.
    I hope you can come by and check
    it out? Maybe even follow since I follow you now :)



  4. ciao kendra ,thanks i follow:)

  5. wow♥♥♥ I have fallen in love.. this is an amazing song.. I'll look for more stuff from them.. I love discovering new bands and there are only a few I truly love.. at least from modern times, 'cause I stick to the oldies... thanks for sharing! honestly.. I listened to this song 3 times in a row haha,, really cool!
    ..and about your comment on my post.. well, when are you coming back? haha stay cool!

  6. it was for me ......I would come now!!!! darling:D


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